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Tag : 0.28.0 Released : 10 Mese(s) ago

What's Changed

  • population numbers workaround by @Z1Meme in
  • Feature/custom login packets by @Z1Meme in
  • additions by @Zam6969 in
  • Feature/plugins by @Z1Meme in
  • Custom login packets by @Z1Meme in
  • Login kick packet by @Z1Meme in
  • LoginKickRequest by @Z1Meme in
  • Feature/update deps by @QuentinGruber in
  • Added links to the Thanks List by @thegrreat1 in
  • Feature/healstack by @QuentinGruber in
  • Bugfix/h1emu login server security by @QuentinGruber in
  • feature/vehicleLocks by @Nikolassparrow in
  • updtGHActions by @QuentinGruber in
  • Revert "Bugfix/h1emu login server security" by @QuentinGruber in
  • Bugfix/prettierversion by @QuentinGruber in
  • QOL changes by @Z1Meme in
  • added headlights and siren commands by @avcio9 in
  • added effects enums by @avcio9 in

New Contributors

  • @Nikolassparrow made their first contribution in

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