Release Infos
Tag : 0.29.4 Released : 6 Mese(s) ago
  • plugin fixes
  • Base Security Fixes
  • You can now drink water from the water towers
  • Fixed world campfires and barbeques
  • Punji's in PV church will actually give damage
  • Added worn letter rewards
  • Added hospital quest line (the toolbox key will be given until the nurse zombie can be spawned)
  • Biofuel is now smelted in a furnace / campfire
  • Added more lootable objects to the world, e.g. Dryers, Washing machines and Metal storage containers
  • Show more containers in proximity containers
  • Fixed issue which caused an item to be overwritten
  • Added headshot only and first person only gamerule
  • Fixes item updates from furnaces (Looked like you looted an item)
  • Fixed an issue with red caps not able to be dropped (wrong item id was spawned in the world)
  • Added more wildlife to the world
  • Whisper/mute/unmute commands will now search for offline players as well
  • You can no longer whisper/mute/unmute yourself, because why would you?
  • Added bundles (gauze, arrows)
  • Fixed fertilizer
  • Swapping backpacks with higher bulk is now possible
  • Removed 3 duplicated doors in the hospital
  • Fixed ATV's lootbag being spawned under the world

What's Changed

  • Base Security Fixes by @Z1Meme in
  • Worn Letters, Hospital Quests & some minor changes by @jasonmoonen in
  • plugin fixes by @Z1Meme in

Full Changelog: