Release Infos
Tag : 0.30.0 Released : 6 Mese(s) ago
  • SoeServer optimisations ( lag fix )
  • Added barbed wire
  • Added wooden barrels
  • Added dressed bandage recipe
  • Added hand shovels
  • Fixed bear meat not cooking
  • Fairplay/AC improvement
  • Added some lootable skins

What's Changed

  • Rework testing by @QuentinGruber in
  • Dressed Bandage recipe by @Nikolassparrow in
  • Fix and add skins by @Nikolassparrow in
  • Add hand shovels by @Nikolassparrow in
  • Fairplay stuff by @avcio9 in
  • Fix for bear meat not cooking by @Nikolassparrow in
  • Add NOT_TIRED interaction string to beds by @Nikolassparrow in
  • bugfix/npcReplication by @Nikolassparrow in
  • Add wooden barrels by @Nikolassparrow in
  • Add barbed wire by @Nikolassparrow in
  • explosiveCandleGlow by @Nikolassparrow in
  • optimize soeprotocol by @QuentinGruber in

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