Release Infos
Tag : 0.23.1 Released : 2 Месяц(s) ago
  • fixed invisible players bug related to construction permissions,
  • fixed furnaces breaking after a few hours burning,
  • fixed /additem command name searching: You can now find items by their in game name, example: /additem .308_round,
  • fixed /tpto and tphere commands causing no collision bug,
  • fixed some cases of vehicles disappearing,
  • reduced smelting time from 60 to 40 seconds,
  • increased stamina drain and regen rate by 100%,
  • decreased vehicle fuel usage by 70%,
  • fixed a bug causing proximity container items to show through a secured shack / shelter,
  • Loot respawn is now based on server population,
  • Adjusted loot table
  • Increased vehicle scrapping chance
  • Removed kill feed
  • Adjusted FairPlay, it should no longer/less often kick players while sliding down the mountains
  • Server data now saves every 10 minutes
  • Fixed /deletebase command
  • Added /vanish command
  • Fixed a bug killing players when exiting vehicles
  • Branches can now be burned in furnaces, BBQ's and campfires
  • Repairing construction with hammer now updates its health immediately
  • Increased crowbar spawn chance and added more spawn points
  • Fixed a bug that made some constructions unraidable
  • Fixed explosives dealing less damage to construction
  • Improved main server's hardware

All the issues closed with this PR : https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/milestone/21

What's Changed

  • fixed flying fountation by @alvazhang79 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1225
  • Hotfixes by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1226
  • Commands fixes/cleanup by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1227
  • Raiding fix by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1231
  • Bugfixes/loginserver by @QuentinGruber in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1232

New Contributors

  • @alvazhang79 made their first contribution in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1225

Full Changelog: https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/compare/0.23.0...0.23.1