Release Infos
Tag : 0.12.0 Released : 1 Year(s) ago


  • Allow character creation


  • /hax outfit usage /hax outfit aviator use /hax outfit list to get all availables outfits
  • /hax weapon usage /hax weapon ar use /hax weapon list to get all availables weapons
  • Better vehicle collision damage calculation
  • Fix default running animations
  • Fix an issue where the player could have an hidden chest / legs
  • Update world-routine to fit with props spawning


  • Added rare screamer zombie spawns around the map
  • Fixed all door models (all doors are the correct models, rotation is still not fully fixed)
  • All recipes are now in the crafting menu (same list as 2015 server)
  • Seat-swapping enabled for all vehicles
  • Vehicle engines will now turn off after you leave the vehicle