Release Infos
Tag : 0.16.0 Released : 1 Year(s) ago


  • Some small optimizations as always
  • Now implement combined packets ( Better networking of small packets )


  • Item pickups working for shirts, pants, and helmets (randomized skins / models)
  • Item pickups working for all weapons
  • Character loadout items working
  • Added Katana loot spawns
  • invisible character bug fixed
  • Added /hax addloadoutitem {definitionId} command (Used to add any item in the game to your loadout)
  • Added /hax equip {equipment} command (replaces /hax weapon and /hax equipment)
  • Added new default outfit (DOA Hoodie and Blue Sports Pants)
  • Added /hax hood command to toggle hood up/down on a hoodie