Release Infos
Tag : 0.18.0 Released : 1 Year(s) ago


  • You can no longer join a server that is down.
  • Better thirdParty server privacy setup
  • Various optimization and reduction of memory usage
  • Add a ping lock


  • Character death/respawn
  • Properly display fists.
  • Added /hax state
  • Added /hax godmode
  • Fix player movement replication issue
  • Pressing "V" key changes stance of the weapon (you can see them in first person)
  • Pressing "L" key will lock the vehicle
  • Vehicles loadout now shows in inventory Tab
  • Mounting vehicle puts you in correct seats (you can drive together in multiplayer)
  • Vehicle respources (health/fuel) now appear in the hud
  • Engine will turn off when out of fuel
  • Vehicles are now taking correct damage, when destroyed explosion hurts all players in radius
  • Inspecting props now shows container inventory
  • Stamina issue fixed


  • Some commands from the 2015 version has been added see http://commands.h1emu.com
  • Multiplayer features setup