Release Infos
Tag : 0.23.5 Released : 10 Month(s) ago
  • Re-added ping to combatlog
  • Fixed an issue with vehicle lootbags possibly spawning under the map
  • Fixed infinite shotgun ammo visual bug
  • Dropped items now appear immediately on the ground
  • Fixed some instances of server crash.
  • Fixed game crashes.
  • Crops grow time will now save and be restored after restart/crash.
  • Fixed item duping method.
  • You are now allowed to place expansions and other construction on it if your deck was placed on the border of POI.
  • Increased range of foundation permissions.
  • Fixed "No build permission" error when two permissions overlap.
  • Players stuck under foundation with no visitor permissions will now be teleported outside instead of up.
  • Fixed invisible furnaces, dew collectors, bee boxes.
  • Fixed non collidable bases after respawning.
  • Fixed vehicles taking too much damage while driving.
  • Fixed issue of base not rendering, allowing players to get killed inside bases.
  • Fixed base decay and hammering.
  • Fixed not being able to use permissions or hammer on tamper with deck placed on it.
  • Fixed not being able to close gate in some instances.
  • Fixed traps not disappearing and not being able to use remover or /deletebase command on them.
  • Reduced landmine triggering range on vehicles.
  • Crafting dressed bandage will now give bundle of 5 items.
  • Crafting yeast will now also gives back empty bottle.
  • Increased range of lighter/bow drill for smeltables to 1.5m, you can now ignite more then one at once
  • Added ping lock
  • Re-implemeneted some functions back to dynamic weather. If the day is foggy, fog will accumulate after 7PM and deterior after 1PM, the strength of the fog depends on current season (in game time)
  • Removed PV PD and PV Clock spawn points

All the issues closed with this PR : https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/milestone/25?closed=1

What's Changed

  • fix concurrent saves by @QuentinGruber in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1323
  • Hotfix tp under foundation by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1324
  • clear firestate on character death to prevent infinite ak spray by @Z1Meme in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1326
  • removed removing (xd) of all props when client loads, by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1330
  • Decaying/Client crash fix by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1333
  • changed interaction times and undo placement times for construction e… by @Z1Meme in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1332
  • fixed server crash from broken character load by @Z1Meme in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1336
  • remove foundtion from ood filter; improve decay manager by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1339
  • Bugfix/saveCrashIssue by @QuentinGruber in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1354
  • fixed vehicle lootbags sometimes spawning under the map by @Z1Meme in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1340
  • added ping back to combatlog by @Z1Meme in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1341
  • Bugfix/reloadfixes by @Z1Meme in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1342
  • dropped items now spawn immediately on the ground by @Z1Meme in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1343
  • feature/PingLock by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1355
  • fixes by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1349

Full Changelog: https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/compare/0.23.4...0.23.5