Release Infos
Tag : 0.23.6 Released : 10 Month(s) ago
  • Fixed a save issue that led to recurrent crashes.
  • Fixed no build permission error when both foundations range overlap,
  • Unban command now works properly(is case sensitive now)
  • Lowered render distance of furnaces to 20m (they were disappearing before so people have alot stacked)
  • Increased max ping to 250
  • Ping check is disabled for 30 seconds after joining server/respawning/teleporting to avoid lag when spawning entities

All the issues closed with this PR : https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/milestone/26?closed=1

What's Changed

  • Fix for overlapping permissions error by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1360
  • increase max ping by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1363
  • Bugfix/untransferableData by @QuentinGruber in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1364

Full Changelog: https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/compare/0.23.5...0.23.6