Release Infos
Tag : 0.27.0 Released : 8 Month(s) ago
  • Added Airdrops in the game:
  • Green - Farmer
  • Orange - Demolition
  • Blue - Medic
  • Purple - Builder
  • Red - Fighter
  • Yellow - Supplier Each one contains items worth fighting for To call it you have to loot office cabinets for parts of coded message, 4 of them allow you to craft an airdrop code. You may have seen parts of coded message before, we have increased their spawn rate.
  • Added expertimental Weapons into the game(Reaper, Blaze, FrostBite, Nagafen's Rage) Experimental weapons can be optained from Supplier nad Fighter airdrop crates.
  • Hospital area has been added more flavour, you can loot most props there to get nice items like first aid kits, salines (thx @madman™#0786 )
  • Various bugfixes

What's Changed

  • Encrypted Data update by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1548
  • Added Deepcover command [client-2016] by @coderuk in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1552
  • bugFix/maxBulk by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1554
  • fixed invis issue by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1555
  • block glitched storages by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1558
  • Feature/airdrops by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1559
  • Feature/airdrops by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1560
  • storages fix by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1562
  • feature/Airdrops by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1561
  • Feature/packetStructuresEnh by @QuentinGruber in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1564
  • Feature/h1emuInternalCommunicationEnh by @QuentinGruber in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1563
  • Fix storages by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1566
  • Feature/airdrops by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1565
  • airdrop fixes by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1567
  • hospital-lootables by @Madman-gaming in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1553
  • changes/RandomChanges by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1568
  • Feature/experimentalWeapons by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1569

New Contributors

  • @Madman-gaming made their first contribution in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1553

Full Changelog: https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/compare/0.26.3...0.27.0