Release Infos
Tag : 0.24.1 Released : 10 Month(s) ago
  • Added grid respawning system.
  • Base building will now be blocked around. player and vehicle spawn points.
  • Fixed unraidable Ground Tampers
  • You can now demo hammer Shacks
  • Fixed some instances of "no build permission" error
  • Fixed stamina draining 2% multiple times during one jump
  • Rebalanced loot spawns

All the issues closed with this PR : https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/milestone/28?closed=1

What's Changed

  • Updateh1emucore-1.0.3 by @QuentinGruber in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1393
  • Lootspawnrebalance by @Z1Meme in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1396
  • feature/respawnGrid by @avcio9 in https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/pull/1400

Full Changelog: https://github.com/QuentinGruber/h1z1-server/compare/0.24.0...0.24.1